Atual Light

About Atual

It all starts and end with the light.

Our team has many years of experience in the lighting industry. We concetrate ourselves on providing high quality and efficient lighting with unique design.

That is why, we are all the time looking for innovations in our R&D Lab and checking the new solutions for attractive and efficient decorative lighting.

Together with our partners we try to implement real values into the LED lighting business and keep constantly developing.

Our goal is to make the future brighter with our lighting solutions.






Create your lamp from the profile, light source and controllers using our configurator


Atual Lighting Fixtures

High quality decorative LED lamps perfect for retail, galleries, interior and office lighting.

Office lighting

High-quality fixtures enchancing the comfort of any office, while ensuring proper aesthetics.

Power supplies

Power supplies that convert alternating current into direct current to enable LED operation.

LED modules

Different colors, varied angles of light, many variants of LEDs and lenses.


Aluminum profiles for LED strips in various shapes and purpose  from reputable manufacturers.

LED strips

A line of products designed for professionals and covered by an extended warranty period.

Neon Flex

Flexible silicone construction. Excellent alternative to traditional neon lightst


Switch, Bluetooth, WiFi, Infrared controllers supported with pilots or smartphone apps.
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